chemistry waec 2015

1a)esterification is the addition of alkanoic acid with ethanol in the presence of mineral acid to form alkanoate and water.1b)They are easily melt with heat..They are not elastic 1c)iron, aluminium, oxygen and copper 1d)raw materials are the necessary substances that yield a product in an industry.ii) primary product are the main product during production 1e)charles law states that the volume of a fixed mass of a gass is directly proportional to its temp. At a constant pressure.1f)nose cover,hand clover, water, fire extinguisher 1g)producing fertilizerii) as a raw material 1h)cracking ii) sodium ethoxide and hydrogen 1i) +6 1j)sodium trioxochlorate, copperii tetraoxosulphate vi penta hydrate

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