chm 2015

3i) they differ by ch2, successive member differ with molecular mass of 14, homologous member have the same functional grp 3ii) Alkane, alkene b) oh iv) ester, ethylethanoate ci)1,1,2,2 tetra bromo ethane cii) At high temp. , in the presence of catalyst 3d)starch is converted to maltose by enzyme diastase, maltose is then converted to glucose by enzyme invertase and glucose form ethanol and co2 by zymase from yeast…dii) They are polysaccharides, they have high energy compds iii) because it can be reduced to minimal sugar iv) starch form blue black coloration with iodine to form starch-iodide

5) ammonia, Hcl ii) they are soluble in water b)solubility is definrd as the extent at which a subs dissolve in water at a given temp. 1bii) this is the solution of equal amount of solute and solvent 1bii) temperature, stirring 1biii) 2moldm-3….5c)P-fe2 Q – fe3…Cii)it turns white copper sulphate solid to a blue solution 5ciii)the hardness will be removed, ii) they form insoluble carbonate

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