Jamb 2019

DAY : THREE 1:30pm

  • Gross national product
  • I, II & III
  • 18.5
  • Complementary Demand
  • Creditor
  • Bureaucracy
  • The higher the price the higher the quantity demand
  • National Income
  • Wages & Supply
  • Demand Deposits
  • Changes in quantity Supply
  • excess demand
  • profit motive
  • total quantity demand
  • 1.3
  • wild life
  • ranking of needs
  • road and bridge
  • producers
  • marginal revenue
  • IV
  • secondary production
  • Emigration
  • 9.8
  • 13
  • money market
  • capital
  • economic growth
  • location finding
  • inadequate capital
  • export
  • external
  • continuity
  • Substitute
  • minimum price control
  • perfectly elastic
  • Gross Net Profit
  • I, II & IV
  • 12.5
  • complementary demand
  • creditors

jamb chemistry I pm13.04.2019

(5)carbon iv
(6)soil solutions
(8)dissolving sugar in water Confirm
(9)Oxygen gas is given at the cathode.
(13)activation energy
(15)finely divided iron
(16)6.6×1019 (17)(Gx)(H) y/(A)a(B)*b
(18)the equality of the rate of the forward and reverse reaction
(19)metalic and coordinate covalent bond
(24)alpha particles
(25)alkaline pyrogallol
(27)carbon(iv) and noble gasses.Confirm
(29)by downward displacement of air
(30)pottasium metal is deposited at the cathode
(31)electron dissolves
(36)number of molecule present
(38)hydrogen sulphide
(40)green to orange

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