NECO Biology practical 2019

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SPECIMEN A: Bean seedlings (less than seven days old)
SPECIMEN B: Maize seedlings (less than seven days old)
SPECIMEN C: Coconut fruit (dry with husk)
SPECIMEN D: Tridax fruit
SPECIMEN F: Praying Mantis

Specimen A; Epigeal Germination
Specimen B; Hypogeal Germination

Specimen A; Because the seed coat ruptures and the embryo emerges out.
Specimen B; Because the radicle pierces through the protective sheath coleorhiza and grows downwards to form the root

Specimen C ; Water
Specimen D ; Gravity

Specimen C ; Water
Specimen D ; Gravity

C – Drupe
D – Cypsela

Drawing of Frog

Hindlimbs are longer than their forelimbs

(i) Providing body support during sitting or walking
(ii) Pushing the body during jumps

Specimen F
(i) Presence of two antennae
(ii) Presence of six legs

Specimen G
(i) Absence of antennae
(ii) Presence of four legs

SPECIMEN I: Grasshopper
SPECIMEN J: Cockroach
SPECIMEN L: Mosquito

Specimen G; is Reptilia
specimen H; is Gastropoda
Specimen I; is Insecta


(i)use of insecticide
(ii)use of mosquito net
(iii)cleanliness of the environment

(i)The neck is short
(ii)The tail is long and tapers at the end

Specimen M; Measuring cylinder
Specimen N; Soil sample (loamy soil)
Specimen O; Earthworm
Specimen P; Hygrometer
Specimen Q; Thermometer
Specimen R; Hand net

Specimen p; used in meteorological science to measure the humidity, or amount of water vapour in the air.

Specimen Q; Used for measuring temperature

Specimen R; Used for catching fish or used for hunting for fish in the river.

(i)They improve the soil structure
(ii)They help to improve the fertility and nutrient content and availability in the soil
(iii)Earthworms improve soil drainage

(i)the soil sample settled below the water level
(ii)the water above the soil sample increase as soil goes down
(iii)the water above the soil sample get clearer


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