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(i)Uses of animals and their health problems
(ii)Organs and systems of an animal body
(iii)Rumen movement in ruminants
(iv)Appearance of the healthy animal

(i)quarantine and slaughter.

(i)Good hatchery sanitation
(ii)Avoidance of mouldy feed

-Anthrax –
(i)Cut off infection source.
(ii)Dispose of anthrax carcasses correctly

(ii)Isolation of suspected animals

(i)Poor growth
(ii)High competition for survival
(ii)It could lead to death of animal

(iv)It can lead to cannibalism

Farm surveying is the process of measuring and mapping out the position, height, size and boundary of an area of farmland.

(i)Air movement
(ii)Good drainage
(iii)An adequate supply of clean water

(i)Store in cool dry place
(ii)Lubricate the moving parts
(iii)By painting to avoid rusting

(i)Poor infrastructure
(ii)Dormant research facilities
(iii)Government policies
(iv)Poor education and modernization

(i)to effect structural change in the system of land tenure;
(ii)to achieve fast economic and social transformation;
(iii)to negate economic inequality caused by the appropriation of rising land values by land speculators and land holders; and

(iv)to make land available easily and cheaply, to both the government and private individual developers.

The law of diminishing returns states that in a production process, as on input variable is increased, there will be a point at which the marginal per unit will start to decrease holding all other factors constant.

(i) Price of related commodities
(ii) Price of rice
(iii) Income of the consumers
(iv) Expectation of change in the price in future
(v) Taste of consumers
(vi) Smuggling of rice

Total depreciation = Cost price – Selling price

Given that the cost of rice = N108,000
Selling price = N93,000

Total depreciation = 108,000 – 93,000 = N15,000

Annual depreciation = Total depreciation/ Life span

Total depreciation = N15,000
Life span = 2017-2007
Life span = 10years

Annual depreciation = 15,000/10 = N1,500

(i) Inadequate support of rural farmers to the extension workers
(ii) Not getting the problems to solve at hand adequately

(i) Political institute’s
(ii) Support organizations
(iii) Health services
(iv) Local schools
(v) Community development

(i)Magnesium is also used by plants for the metabolism of carbohydrates
(ii)It is used in cell membrane stabilization.

(i)It is used for nitrogen metabolism
(ii)For synthesis of some enzymes

(i)To convert nitrate into nitrite and then into ammonia.
(ii)It is also needed by symbiotic nitrogen fixing bacteria in legumes to fix atmospheric nitrogen.

(i)Less water is lost in the process and there is no run-off.
(ii)Subsurface irrigation systems can free up aboveground space.
(iii)Crops grown in these conditions may grow more uniformly.
(iv)With less water remaining on the leaves, there is a lowered risk of excessive moisture damage.

(i)Leads to erosion
(ii)Loss of soil nutrients

-Clean Clearing-
(i)Leads to erosion
(ii)Reduction of micro organisms activities

-Bush Burning-
(i)It kills soil micro organisms
(ii)Leads to loss of soil nutrients.

Hybridization is the process of crossing two genetically different individuals to result in a third individual with a different, often preferred, set of traits.

Homozygous are individual organisms carrying two identical alleles (for example RR or rr) While heterozygous are individual organisms that bear different alleles (for example Rr).

(i)Reduction in farm output
(ii)Reduction in farmer’s income for crop producers
(iii)Reduction of quality of crop
(iv)Increase in prices for consumers.
(v)More expenses to fight the disease.
(vi)It causes instability in food supply.

(i)Good soil preparation.
(ii)Use of indigenous varieties.
(iii)Pest control through the use of mesh screen (nylon nets)
(iv)Roguing or Pruning
(v)Intercropping with aromatic herbs
(vi)Crop rotation and Multiple cropping



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