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(1a) Marketing; refers to activities undertaken by a company to promote the buying or selling of a product or service. (1b) (i)Intangibility (ii)Inseparability. (iii)Perishability. (iv)Variability. (i)Intangibility; When you buy a […]

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YORUBA-OBJ! 1ADCEABEDAC 11EDEBEBBDCB 21DEBEAAABED 31ACBDDADCCE 41CDCBCEAEAB 51AAEACDEEBB IGBO-OBJ! 1CCAABCBEDA 11AAAEBACCAD 21DCDAAEDCAA 31ACBBBCCBDB 41AADCACDEEE 51DDDDEECBDA Igbo (2a) Tabulate Under; magbochiume (i)magbochiume di iri abuo n’ asato (ii)magbochiume anaghi enwe uda aka […]

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Neco Agric practical 2019

(3a) SPECIMEN G: Cowpea seeds SPECIMEN H: Banana fruit (3b) bruchids (3c) Specimens G; The leaves and growth points can be picked and used as a vegetable dish Specimens H; it regulates the movement of nutrients and waste products in and out of cells it can be use as food. (3d) Specimens G; Seeds using the vine cuttings of flowering […]

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Govt Waec 2019

KEEP REFRESHING FOR UPDATES (1) (i)Voting: We study governments so we can make an educated decision when it comes to voting. This means that you are not just going to make your voting decision on a speech or tv program that you see. (ii) Knowledge; Studying government gives you knowledge. You are in a position to know more about the […]

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(1k) Carbon-12 scale is the standard from which atomic masses of all nuclei’s are measured. It is used to ascertain one mole of a substance as the amount of substance which contains as many elementary entities as there are atoms in 12grams of carbon-12 (1j) The concentration of the resistants and products are equal The rate of the forward reaction […]