Questions and answers on sweet sixteen……Jamb

. What was the introductory statement on Aliya’s 16th birthday letter?CORRECT ANSWER = “How time flies”. 2. What is the title of Aliya’s 16th birthday letter?CORRECT ANSWER= “Letter to my daughter” 3. What was so special about Aliya’s 16th birthday letter?CORRECT ANSWER= It had 16 pages and each page for each year of her life.Continue reading “Questions and answers on sweet sixteen……Jamb”

Neco Agric 2019 questions and answers available

Keep reloading for updates AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE (8a) (i)Uses of animals and their health problems (ii)Organs and systems of an animal body (iii)Rumen movement in ruminants (iv)Appearance of the healthy animal (8bi) -Rinderpest- (i)quarantine and slaughter. (ii)vaccination (8bii) -Aspergillosis- (i)Good hatchery sanitation (ii)Avoidance of mouldy feed (8biii) -Anthrax – (i)Cut off infection source. (ii)Dispose of anthraxContinue reading “Neco Agric 2019 questions and answers available”